Finally Boys - Don't Die Wondering (Mixtape One) by Don't Die Wondering


Finally Boys - Don’t Die Wondering Mixtape

here’s a mediafire link cuz the downloads are capped ENJOY <3 :

Hello ladies and gentleman, and on behalf of the captain and the cabin crew I’d like to give you a warm welcome onboard this Finally Boys mixtape (whose excellent tracks we’ve featured previously here), non-stop service from Oakland to El Dorado. Our flight time will be precisely 0 hours and 35 minutes and 39 seconds. We’ll be flying at an altitude of just about 1 foot above the ground, enough to transcend the conventions of gravity while having unlimited recourse to any ground-level accessories for your convenience (*breathy, overextended exhalation into PA*). Our ground speed will alternate between 110-140 bpm, and ask that you pay close attention to the safety instructions, even if you are…. a frequent…. flyer… (*a sound of a phlegmy throat being cleared*).  Also, we we would like to ask you that as of this moment, any electronic devices be switched off or put on ‘flight mode’, if such an option, is… available…. on your… device… . (*momentary pause… sound of a door opening… light scuffle noises…. a mans voice in the background… “calm down and sit in your fucking SEAT!”… PA noises simmer down*). Thank you, and again we do hope you enjoy your flight with us today. 

Finally Boys - Don’t Die Wondering Mixtape


PinkiePieSwear - Flutter Wonder 

Friendzone - A.L.L. 

Kangta - 愛, 頻率 (Breaka Shaka)

Above and Beyond - Satellite 

Araabmuzik - Streetz Tonight 

DJ T - Why (Finally Boys remix) 

DJ Dean - It’s a Dream 

100 - c 

Magnetic Man ft. Katy B - Perfect Stranger 

Perfume - Electro World 

Velveteen - Safe Wherever You Are 

Moral Edge - Amiga Blitz  (Finally Boys edit)

Carios + DKXO - Local Distance (Produced by Konyaga Tanaka) 




Finally Boys 

One of the EP’s we are most eagerly awaiting is ‘Feelings’ by Finally Boys, due for release in early 2012. The Oakland-based duo of Preetom Choudhury and Shane LeBlanc place euro-house, rave-tinged synths heavy on dramatics and emotional thrust on raw, clanging beats that draw equally from hip hop, juke and club music. ’You Will Be Healed’ and ‘Ascending Temple’ act as particularly transcendent call to arms, creating an atmosphere that is simultaneously wondrous and exhilarating while never losing a sense of a fast approaching doomsday. 

Finally Boys - You Will Be Healed (mp3)

Finally Boys - Ascending Temple




Navegando por internet me encontré un post de este grupo en el blog Negative Youth, era de esas tardes en las que quieres encontrar nueva música, los escuché y me encantaron, sobre todo la canción “Ascending Temple”, me volvió loco, fui a su Soundcloud a escuchar más y decidí buscarlos para entrevistarlos. Dos chicos de lo más amables y con mucha onda.

- Would you please introduce to our readers? / ¿Podrían presentarse con nuestros lectores?

 Hi, we are Finally Boys… such a nice pleasure to meet you ^_^ / Hola, somo Finally Boys… Un placer conocerlos.

- Why “Finally Boys”? / ¿Porqué “Finally Boys”?

 We really like the idea of staying in touch with our youth and never forgetting where we came from. / Realmente nos encanta la idea de siempre estar en contacto con nuestro lado joven y nunca olvidar de donde venimos.

- For you, what’s Art and Music? / Para ustedes, ¿qué es arte y música?

It’s all about doin your own thing and getting in touch with ur feelings, doin’ what u think is beautiful. Immerse yourself in the fantasy you want to live in, feel the power of love, and the weight of pain. keep it real. <3 / Se trata de hacer tus propias cosas y entrar en contacto con tus sentimientos, haciendo lo que es bello. Sumergiéndose en la fantasía que se quiere vivir, sentir el poder del amor y el peso del dolor, mantenerlo real!

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